175*100(cm), wool, nylon, acrylic yarn and cotton, manual tufting, 2022.

  "세상은 나에게 너무 벅차! 자고 일어나면 카페트가 되었으면 좋겠다."

??: 불쌍하고 가여운 해강이. 나약하고 찌질한 마음을 고쳐먹을 생각과 힘이 없구나. 
너의 소원을 들어줄게! 
카페트가 되어 마음껏 밟혀 봐!


"This world is just too much for me! Hope I could just turn into a carpet next morning."

??: Poor Haekang, who doesn't have any will to fix his weak, ugly kind of mind-set. 
Let me make your dream come true!
Feel free to be stepped on, just like you wanted!
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