175*90(cm), wool, nylon, acrylic yarn and plastic parts, manual tufting and sewing, 2022.

  나의 탄생화는 박하. 그래서인지 민트 초코를 참 좋아해. '반민초파'의 존재를 알았을 땐 깜짝 놀라기도 했어. 
  어느 순간 생각해 보니 나라는 사람의 존재가 마치 민트 초코처럼 느껴져. 누군가는 나의 삶이 의미가 있고 재밌는 것이라고 해주고(대부분 스스로가 하는 말임), 누군가는 나의 삶이 새로운 방향과 방법을 찾아야 한다고 하지. 혹은 지금의 삶은 있어선 안 되는 것이라는 말도 들었어. 
  달콤하고 쌉싸름해! 나라는 존재는. 카페트로 쓰려니 발에 밟히고, 지압기로 쓰려면 약하고, 장식으로 쓰기엔 어딘가 이상해 보이지. 치약 맛 아이스크림 같아!
  You can search your birth-flower based on your birthday on any Korean Internet search engines. Mine is mint. Maybe that's the reason why I adore mint chocolates. I was surprised by the fact that there are tons of people who dislike mint chocolates very much so. 
  At some point I started to feel like that my very self is like mint chocolates. Some people say to me that my life is something meaningful and pleasing(many times that's just me talking to myself), and some say that I should find a new way and direction of being. AND some say that life-style I'm taking is something should not be existing. 
  It's just sweet and bitter every time when I taste myself! I can't be a soft carpet, a strong massage board, not even an appealing decoration. Weird in some sense just like this piece. Feels quite like a cup of ice cream with 'toothpaste flavor'!

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