[That itch]

125*125(cm), wool, nylon, acrylic yarn, tufting, 2022.

무심히 보내 후회스러운 낮과 밤이 떠오르는 그런 노랫말이 있어요. 이 노래의 가사처럼요! 여러분도 그런가요?
 [2021 빈칸아트페어]에서 시연했습니다.

* 한국음악저작권협회(KOMCA) 승인필: 장기하와 얼굴들, [그 때 그 노래], 장기하와 얼굴들(2011), 작사 장기하.
So I have those songs and lyrics that always remind me of the days and nights I’ve spent rather indifferently and make me a bit regretful every time. You have yours too? 
Working process of this piece was shown live at [Bincan Art Fair 2021]. 

* Lyrics usage and reproduction authorized by KOMCA: <그 때 그 노래>, in the album [장기하와 얼굴들(2011)], sung and performed by 장기하와 얼굴들, lyricist 장기하.
installation view
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